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25 - Jun - 2014

Gas safe Registered. Est 1987

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Important Information

Hi everyone.

Due to a considerable amount of changes since January 2005 and are still continuing. I am just trying to briefly describe current building regulation Part "L1A" Which effect all Plumbing and Heating engineers.


Please check with your builders that they are qualified to carry out works, otherwise it could be on your shoulders when you come to sell your house.

This will be from the government The Home Information Pack.

This will mean that the home owner will have to produce a certificate to prove works carried out after i.e January 2005 for electrics or April 2005 for boilers.

Most householders that are preparing or thinking of updating their Gas, Plumbing or Electrical systems should be aware of current and recent changes to the building regulations.


All works Must be carried out by a Gas safe engineer.

Note: Please check that the appropriate Installer is qualified to install that appliance. Each catergory i.e ( Boilers ) etc is an independant module and qualification in addition to being Gas safe registered.

Unless with exceptional circumstances all boilers installed as from now will have to be a Condensing boiler.

There are 2 bands called SEDBUK "A" or "B".

Band "A" Are approximatelty 91% efficient and are new models after April 2005.

Band "B" - Updated boilers from older non-condensing boilers and do not normally condense in both heating and hot water.

As from 1st April 2006 all Gas Safe installers must hold a energy efficiency certificate otherwise building control must be notified.

It will be the responsibility of both customer and installer to check there qualifications.

Customers Choice.

Sooner or later band "B" will probably go and at present are less efficient but cost less than band "A".

All gas appliances that are now installed must have a certificate of approval via Gas Safe/building control direct to their customer.

Please ask your installer before it is too late.


Please ensure that any electrical works carried out do/do not require a certificate of competency, and Part "P" qualification to carry out required works.


As from 6th April 2006 any Plumbing works carried out i.e bathroom suites or drainage must have Building control approval or be a member of an approved body.

My Advice.

Cost is important, but as fossil fuels like gas and electricity are on the up in price increase, I think it is better to prepare now than suffer with higher fuel bills later.

Remember, that it is just as important to use a recognised and quality installer as the appliance that is to be fitted.

Through my experience over the years many installations have been poorly fitted due to customers looking at the cost of cheaper estimates and in return normally comes poor service and problematic systems. Soon I will adding a section so that customers are able to leave feed back. Make the right choice first time!

As the months follow I will try and add more information to this page.

Please contact me on the contact us page for any help.

It's time now to finally rid ourselves of the "Cowboys"

Many thanks

Michael McCluskey

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