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25 - Jun - 2014

Gas safe Registered. Est 1987

Power Flushing

Power Flushing

Fernox Total Filter TF1Magnaclean Twin Tech

Power Flushing

When considering a boiler replacement or updating an existing system, it is very important to make sure that the system is free from any blockage i.e. black sludge or scale. These can be caused by many things, mainly due to poor installation or the use of unsuitable materials.

A poor system can cause fuel wastage, boiler noise, cold spots, frequent venting and in some circumstances pump seizure. Boiler manufacturers are now recommending on system updates to Powerflush the complete system as to assist in the life of not just the boiler but controls as well. In today's technology there are no reasons for pumps, motorised valves and radiator valves etc to fail.

A radiator that is severely clogged costs everyone. For the customer it becomes expensive as the time it takes for the heat, if it does, to eventually heat the room. The environment is damaged in the waste of a very valuable and declining fuel.

I use a high quality and recommended Fernox MK 2 powerflushing machine. This unit can be connected in different ways to a heating system. Preferably it is best to connect to either a 22mm pipework or a circulating pump. If this is not possible a radiator can be removed.

The system first will be flushed through with clean water and then a suitable additive will be added to the machine. Normally after two hours each radiator will be flushed through separately and checked with a special TDS meter to check ppm (parts per million) in the heating system and compared to within 10% of mains drinking water.

After all radiators have then passed, the system will be drained down and re-filled with fresh water.

To protect the system from further or future problems an inhibitor will then be added.. When a customer has their annual service the inhibitor levels if required can be topped up, whilst the magnetic filter can be cleaned to continue full system protection.

To date all my customers have agreed to a highly improved and a more efficient system. When someone you know complains of a noisy boiler, radiator or heating system then hopefully with my help this problem can be resolved. Powerflushing will help to improve efficiency, and should lower fuel bills.



Future Protection

I install two magnetic products manufactured by "Magnaclean and Fernox", but there are others available.

These easily maintained units protect any small or loose particles of sludge that can be left over after powerflushing. Due to advanced and researched technologies there are also additional products to assist in aged old systems. Both Magnaclean and Fernox now supply filters that will also catch non magnetic debris.

Whilst cost is very important? More important that the correct filters are installed on your system. These also will assist in the life expectancy and efficiency of your boiler. They are an ideal addition to a replacement or an elderly boiler.

Please contact me for more details.

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